Tustin Ranch

The Tustin Ranch was formerly a citrus ranch prior to the 1980s before its development

Tustin Ranch is a community located in the city of Tustin, California in Orange County, California. The property is historically part of the Irvine Ranch, and was a land preserve up until the creation of the community. The Irvine Company decided to build the planned community in 1982; it was approved for construction in 1986 by the County of Orange. It was annexed to the city of Tustin in 1986, and formed the 92782 ZIP Code. The Tustin Ranch was formerly a citrus ranch prior to the 1980s before its development. Today, no citrus ranches can be found on the Tustin Ranch plan, but almost all of the community streets are named after components of the former ranch. By using a single plant palette throughout the spine, the identity of Tustin Ranch is reinforced. Additionally, informal plantings of eucalyptus trees extend down from the hillside along the parkways into the neighborhoods and village open space, tying the individual neighborhoods together. 



-Tustin Memorial Elementary School https://www.tustin.k12.ca.us/tustin-memorial

-Pioneer Middle school https://www.tustin.k12.ca.us/pioneer

-Arnold O Beckham High Shool https://www.tustin.k12.ca.us/beckman



-Spire's Restaurant  https://spiresrestaurants.com/locations/tustin/

-American Grub https://www.americangrub.net/

-Rutabegorz https://tustin.rutabegorz.com/mobile/

-Roma D' Italia https://romaditalia.com/



-Tustin's Sports Park

-Greenway Park

-Gallery Park

-Citrus Ranch Park

-Columbus Tustin Park

-Tustin Heritage Park

-Laurel Glen Park

-Cedar Grove Park



-Public Art Wall https://www.tustinca.org/1295/Tustin-Public-Art

-Tustin Ranch Golf Club https://www.tustinranchgolf.com/



-Trader Joe's https://locations.traderjoes.com/ca/tustin/197/

-Grocery Outlet https://www.groceryoutlet.com/circulars/storeid/333?doing_wp_cron=1654531411.4946289062500000000000

-Sprout Farmers Market https://www.sprouts.com/

-Smart and Final Extra  https://www.smartandfinal.com/stores/tustin-726/8104

-Allbertsons  https://www.tustinca.org/

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