Quail Hill

Quail Hill is a picturesque village in the southern part of Irvine.

Quail Hill is a picturesque village in the southern part of Irvine. It is one of the seven communities that belong to the University area of the City of Irvine. The village is named for the characteristic rock formation that adjoins 600 acres of permanent open space. Quail Hills offers a great mix between urban and suburban living but also offers many community amenities. The Quail Hill Shopping Center  features multiple restuarants, banks, Starbucks, Albertons and many more shopping options. 



-Alderwood Elementary School https://alderwood.iusd.org/ 

-Bonita Canyon Elementary School https://bonitacanyon.iusd.org/ 

-Oak Creek Elementary School https://oakcreek.iusd.org/ 

-Springbrook Elementary School https://springbrook.iusd.org/ 

-Rancho San Joaqin Middle School https://rancho.iusd.org/ 

-University High School https://universityhigh.iusd.org/ 



-Orangekids Childcare https://www.facebook.com/orangekidschildcare/ 

DeeCyDa Child Care Irvine  https://deecyda.com/ 



-Two Left Forks http://twoleftforks.com/ 

-O-Fine Japanese Cuisine https://www.ofinejapanesecuisine.com/ 

-Irvine Grill https://irvine-grill.business.site/ 

-Natraj's Tandoori https://www.yelp.com/biz/natrajs-tandoori-irvine-south-irvine 

-Thai Bamboo Bistro https://thaibamboobistroca.com/ 



-Quail Hill Community Park 

-The Commons Park 

-Valley View Park 

-Cascade Park 

-KnollCrest Park 



-Quail Hill Shopping Center https://www.shopirvinecompany.com/centers/irvine/quail-hill-shopping-center

-Albertsons https://local.albertsons.com/ca/irvine/4541-campus-dr.html 

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