Beacon Park (Great Park)

It's the heart of the neighborhood.

It's the heart of the neighborhood. With room to run, explore and discover something new every day. Celebrating navigation on land and water, the park offers paths, a pool and a gateway to the Orange County Great Park. Maybe it's the treehouse lookout. The winding trails and open spaces. Or the shady, perfect-for-dawdling-under heritage trees. There's something about Beacon Park that inspires exploring, imagining and discovering. Qualities that come in rather handy for kids attending Beacon Park K-8, their very own neighborhood school. Beacon Park is also known for its eclectic vibe, thanks to homes that range from modern condos to traditional single-family. This neighborhood is sold out, but no worries. All the good thinking that went into Beacon Park can be found in our newest neighborhoods too.



-Oak Creek Elementary School

-Woodbury Elementary School

-Portola Springs Elementary School

-Cadence Park Elementary School

-Solis Park Elementary School

-Beacon Park (K-8)

-South Lake Middle School

-Jeffrey Trail Middle School

-Woodbridge High School

-Portola High School



-Shrishti School of Performing Arts

-Irvine Home Day Care

-Rainbow Family Day Care

-Orange County Great Park Farm + Food Lab



-Between The Rinks

-Knowlwood Restaurant

-Jing's Kitchen

-Pokenoya Irvine

-Jack in the Box

-90 Pacifica Restaurant and Bar



-Irvine Spectrum Center

-Sand Canyon Plaza



-Parasol Park Picnicking

-Garden Point Park

-The Pools Park

-Cadence Park

-Beacon Park

-Garden Center Park Pool

-Rise Park Playground



-Great Park Balloon Ride

-Great Park Ice & Five Point Arena

-Championship Soccer Stadium

-Great Park Tennis Center

-Great Park Sports & Baseball Complex

-Five Point Ampitheater

-Orange County Curling Club


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